There is a lot to do in Tyler while you are visiting and looking for antiques at Ye Olde City. The countryside around Tyler is both beautiful and historical, and a Sunday Drive will give you an opportunity to simultaneously enjoy the two aspects.

Start your trip from Ye Olde City in downtown Tyler with a visit to the Carnegie History Center, just a few blocks away. It is located at 125 South College. Open Wednesday through Sunday, the Center offers an excellent overview of the history of Tyler and Smith County, starting with the days when Indians roamed the land.

You'll also want to take enough time to drive through a residential area surrounding Bergfeld Park, located on South Broadway. This area is known for its stately mansions and historic homes, many of them dating back to the l930s when oil brought immense wealth to Tyler. Some of the north-west streets you'll want to explore include South College, Bois d' Arc, College, Robertson and Chilton.

As you drive, pay close attention to the old brick streets. They constitute one of the largest collections of brick-surfaced streets in Texas.                        
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